The Team

Alexander Dungate


With a burning passion for marine conservation, Alexander welds together the worlds of software innovation and fisheries.

Leading enterprise software projects at SAP, Ernst & Young, and the BC Center for Disease Control, Alexander has built, shipped, and managed software development with cross-functional teams at a global scale.

Alexander holds a B.Sc. (Computer Science + Biology) from the University of British Columbia, and has taken a hiatus from his Master of Management degree to focus on OnDeck.

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Sepand Dyanatkar


From the European Space Agency to Amazon, Sepand has demonstrated leadership and technical development experience in projects in a variety of domains.

He enjoys building resilient, distributed systems for solving complex problems. He has research experience in robotic swarms (think bee or ant-like autonomous coordination) and autonomous lunar exploration. As Director at Large at a national space not-for-profit (SEDS-Canada), he has led the creation of several student space initiatives.

Sepand holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Physics from the University of British Columbia.

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Matthew Leighton


Matthew is an expert in applying quantitative tools to solve problems in biology, as showcased by his published research. He has a proven track record of securing federal grant money for a wide range of projects including collagen mechanics, bacterial infection dynamics, and the physics of molecular machines. 

Matthew holds a B.Sc. Honours in Mathematics and Physics from Dalhousie University, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Biophysics at Simon Fraser University.

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Melissa Bernstein

Software Engineer

A distinguished full-stack developer, Melissa has a passion for working on environmentally beneficial work and is excited to help improve ocean conservation through software development.

Melissa is finishing a B.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia.

Kazi Antor Hasan

Machine Learning Engineer

With an interest in the application of data driven solutions for a better future, Kazi seeks out impactful projects to work on and passionate people to work with.

Kazi has led projects at Ericsson Telecommunications, the Bangladesh Government, and academia. Kazi has applied his skills to tackle bank erosion prediction, UAV based mapping, root cause analysis of 5G networks, and interoperability in AI.

Kazi holds a B.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and is currently pursuing a M.Sc. in Computer Science at Dalhousie University.

Board of Advisors

Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Neil Davé

Neil is the Founder & Managing Director of Tidal, the ocean health and productivity moonshot at Google X.

Prior to Tidal, Neil led strategic partnerships and go-to-market strategy for Wing, Alphabet’s autonomous delivery drone bet. 

Before joining X, Neil held a number of leadership roles in Finance, Consumer Hardware, Strategy and Operations at Google.  Outside of Alphabet, Neil has helped build start-ups that use advanced technology and systems thinking to solve complex, multifactorial problems.

Neil has a B.A. in Political Science from University of California, Berkeley and a J.D. from Santa Clara University School of Law.

Fraser MacDonald

Fraser is a life-long fisherman on the West Coast of British Columbia. He is a captain and Co-Founder of GoodFish Seafood.

Fraser has spent two decades on British Columbia’s coastal waters learning what it means to deliver community-driven, accessible local seafood.

To ensure the sustainability of fishing and food security for generations to come, he is exceptionally active in the commercial and political forces of the industry. Fraser sits on the boards of several fishing councils and associations across the North West Pacific.

Dr. Rashid Sumaila

A world leader in fisheries economics, Dr. Sumaila specializes in IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing, and how to use affordable monitoring and economic incentives to ensure the long-term success of global fisheries.  

Advice from Dr. Sumaila has been sought by the United Nations, Asian Development Bank, World Trade Organization, the White House, and Parliament in Canada and the United Kingdom. 

He is the Canadian Research Chair for Interdisciplinary Ocean and Fisheries Economics, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and won the Volvo Environment Prize in 2017.

Dr. Daniel Pauly

Dr. Pauly is one of the most published and influential fisheries scientist of all time. He created modeling approaches and software that have shaped modern fishery science - including EcoPath, FishBase, SeaLifeBase, and ELEFAN (ELectronic Length Frequency ANalysis).  

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, winner of the Volvo Environment Prize in 2006, and has been knighted as Chevalier de la Légion D’Honneur in France for his positive impact on marine conservation.

Dr. Gabriel Reygondeau

Dr. Reygondeau is a research associate with the Changing Oceans Research Unit at the University of British Columbia.

He specializes in the development and use of statistical tools to examine the dynamics and composition of marine ecosystems in both space and time. He is also an expert at evaluating the impact of anthropological pressures on global marine ecosystems. 

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